10 Photography Resources for Film Photographers

With the Blackwing 344 out in the wild, we hope folks will feel inspired to take some old-fashioned film photographs. We posted the template for the BW 344 Pinhole Camera, but we know film can be challenging to get ahold of, so here’s a list of some of our favorite photography resources.

Places to Buy Film and Film Cassettes

Freestyle Photo

Freestyle Photo

Freestyle Photo offers film, cassettes, processing chemicals, darkroom supplies and more. They even have a full section dedicated to classic Holga cameras.

B&H Photo


B&H is known primarily for their digital and lighting supplies, but they also have a fairly extensive selection of film cameras and supplies.

Places to Get Film Developed

Old School Photo Lab


Old School Photo Lab offers affordable photo lab services for a wide range of formats, including 35mm, 120mm and large formats.

The Darkroom


Whether you’re working with 35mm, 120mm, disposable cameras, large format, or developed negatives, The Darkroom has it covered.

Photographers, Resources and Guides

Eric Kim Photography


Eric Kim has been publishing ebooks about photography since 2012. His focus is on street photography, but his blog is filled with tips and techniques for photographers of all types.

Matt Granger


Matt Granger is the perfect combination of photographer and teacher. His site is filled with online courses and videos for photographers of all experience levels.

DIY Photography


DIY Photography offers tutorials, reviews and gear recommendations, but my favorite section is the DIY Archive.

Peta Pixel


The Peta Pixel Inspiration page is filled with ideas to help you flex your creative muscles.



The Photojojo store is filled with tons of items that will make any photography enthusiast swoon, and their blog is top-notch too.


Shoot Film Co.


I’m a sucker for a good pin.