A portion of every Blackwing purchase goes to the Blackwing Foundation and its mission to support music and arts programs in public schools.


We believe participation in a broad arts and music curriculum is central to both the academic and social development of our youth. Unfortunately, curricular arts studies are often among the first programs cut in our public schools, despite the strong positive correlation between arts and music engagement and elevated academic performance.

Continuous school-based arts and music programs teach vital skills like creativity, group collaboration, adaptive and analytical thinking, and a commitment to lifelong learning that are key factors in life success. Every child has a right to this type of education, and we’re committed to broadening both the reach and the quality of such programs.


The Blackwing Foundation was founded in 2013 by Charles and Ginger Berolzheimer with the goal to develop and support innovative partnerships that have a sustainable, positive impact on arts and music participation and learning at the K-12 educational level.To this end, the Foundation works to:


  • Enable unique partnerships to design and implement programs which have a beneficial and lasting impact on students and schools

  • Focus on supporting high-quality programs that not only inspire students, but develop their knowledge and skills and connect to important curricular objectives

  • Expand breadth of programs to cover a growing range of arts and music genres as our resources and new partnership opportunities develop over time

  • Help empower local communities to build self-sustaining advocacy efforts and commitment to funding of a widespread arts and music curriculum in their schools.