Retro Arrow-Punched Ferrule Design

Special-edition Blackwing Eras pencils

Blackwing Eras (2022 Edition) - Arrow Ferrule



This special edition pencil is the third entry in our Blackwing Eras series - honoring Blackwing's heritage with designs inspired by the Blackwing 602's unique history. 

In 2020, we launched our first Eras pencil celebrating 10 years of the Blackwing revival with a design pulled straight from the 1930s. In 2021, we released our second Eras pencil paying tribute to the Palomino pencils that inspired the Blackwing revival.

This Eras pencil sports a retro design inspired by the arrow-punched ferrule found on Blackwing pencils in the mid-20th century. Each box includes 12 special edition pencils that feature a dark grey barrel, gold arrow-punched ferrule, gold imprint, red eraser, and our extra-firm graphite.

A unique sharpening experience

Blackwing Høvel Pencil sharpener

Blackwing Høvel



We teamed up with the folks at Makers Cabinet to create a truly unique sharpening experience. The Blackwing Høvel allows you to create custom pencil points tailored to your specific needs. It offers the benefits of a traditional woodworking plane right in the palm of your hand.

Create your custom point by holding the Høvel at both ends with your dominant hand and shaving directly away from yourself until you've reached your desired point. Adjust the angle of the Høvel and the depth of the blade to achieve a variety of different points.

The Blackwing Høvel is made from black anodized aluminum and includes a matching black wooden base. This set also includes 10 carbon steel replacement blades.

Watch: How to use the Blackwing Høvel

Learn more about the Blackwing Høvel

Inspired by the hit comic Paper Girls

Blackwing x Image Comics Pencils

Blackwing x Image Comics Pencils

We teamed up with legendary comic book publisher Image Comics to create a special-edition pencil set - celebrating their 30th anniversary - inspired by the best-selling sci-fi comic series, Paper Girls. The Hugo and multiple Eisner Award-winning comic book was co-created by acclaimed author Brian K. Vaughan and renowned artist Cliff Chiang, with colors by Matt Wilson and letters by Jared K. Fletcher.

This special-edition 12-pack features Paper Girls character designs pulled directly from the comic book creation process, starting with the sketching, penciling, and inking and finishing with the colored illustration. Each pencil also features a pearl imprint, black ferrule, and blue eraser. This set comes with 6 soft and 6 firm graphite pencils.

The Blackwing x Image Comics pencil set is available online exclusively from Blackwing while supplies last. Limit 4 packs per customer.



Blackwing Audition Pack - Set of 4 Pencils



Try out each of our core Blackwing pencils before purchasing a 12-pack. The Audition Pack also includes a one-time $10 discount for a future purchase of a 12-pack of our core pencils.

1. Purchase the Blackwing Audition Pack. (Includes 1 x Blackwing Matte, 1 x Blackwing Pearl, 1 x Blackwing 602, and 1 x Blackwing Natural)
2. Once you receive your Audition Pack, test them out to see which one is best for you.
3. Once you're ready to pick your 12-pack, return to our website to purchase any core 12-pack of pencils and checkout using the email address you used to purchase your Audition Pack. Your discount will be automatically applied. Limit one discount per customer.




Blackwing pencils were originally introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company in the 1930s. Their cult following included John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, who proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and many other Looney Tunes characters.

Despite this following, they fell victim to cost cutting measures in the 1990s and were discontinued. But, that didn’t stop devotees from paying as much as $40 per pencil to seize unused stock. In 2010, our company drew from nearly a century of experience in the pencil business to access the best materials in the world and bring Blackwing back for a new generation of writers, musicians, and others seeking a more natural existence.

Today, a portion of every Blackwing sale benefits music and arts education at the K-12 level.


A portion of the sales from all Blackwing products benefit the Blackwing Foundation, which funds and develops arts and music education at the K-12 level. We believe that participation in art and music programs play an important role in students' creative, academic, and social development.

We are proud to partner with organizations like The Mastheads, Little Kids Rock, TeachRock, and others to provide sustainable, impactful music and arts education programs across the nation.


We make pencils, notebooks and tools for creative-minded people, and others looking to unplug once in a while. Whether in the form of vinyl records and print books, or film cameras and worn-down pencils, we think there’s something in the tactile feel of an analog tool that is in our DNA. We try to tap into that feeling in our everyday lives by making things with our hands, and by valuing the creative process as much as the result.

We believe in the power of arts and music, as both a creative outlet and as an educational tool. That’s why a portion of every Blackwing sale benefits music and arts education through the Blackwing Foundation, and why we use projects like Blackwing Music to shine a spotlight on artists who deserve attention.


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