Blackwing Audition Pack - Set of 4 Pencils


Have you ever wanted to try out a new Blackwing or test which graphite best suits your needs? The Blackwing Audition Pack comes with one of each core Blackwing pencil for you to try out. Every Audition pack also includes a one-time $10 discount for a future purchase of a 12-pack of our core pencils.


1. Purchase the Blackwing Audition Pack. Each Audition Pack comes with one of each core pencil. (1 x Blackwing Matte, 1 x Blackwing Pearl, 1 x Blackwing 602, and 1 x Blackwing Natural)

2. During checkout, you will be prompted to enter your email address. This email address will be linked to your $10 discount on a future core 12-pack purchase.

3. Use and try out your brand new Blackwing pencils!

4. Once you're ready to purchase a 12-pack of pencils, purchase the 12-pack of your choice using the same email address. Your $10 off discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Limit one discount per customer.

5. Enjoy!

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