Blackwing’s history is steeped in music. Award-winning songwriters and composers have written and scored with Blackwing pencils since their inception in the 1930s. We wanted to ensure that rich tradition carried on when we reintroduced the Blackwing pencil in 2010. We do so not only by providing the best tools for songwriting, but by supporting artists and encouraging music education in our schools.


Blackwing Music is a venture that seeks to shine a spotlight on musicians who deserve your attention through live performances, storytelling and album releases. Our first release was Willy Tea Taylor’s sophomore album Knuckleball Prime, which No Depression Magazine said was “further proof that Willy Tea Taylor is easily one of the finest folk singer-songwriters of our time.”


Our second album, Johnny Irion’s Driving Friend was released in May 2018. Read more at BlackwingMusic.com.


Blackwing Sessions is an online video series that dives into the stories behind great music. The sessions have offered an exclusive look at the recording of jazz musician Christian Tamburr’s album Places, celebrated the release of Ted Russell Kamp’s 7th studio album, Night Owl, and explored the stories of singer-songwriters Andrew Combs, Willie Watson and Willy Tea Taylor. Head over to the Blackwing Sessions page to check out the videos and photos captured at each event.


We donate a portion of every Blackwing purchase to the Blackwing Foundation, which funds and develops arts and music education at the K-12 level. One of the programs the Blackwing Foundation supports is the Little Kids Rock Modern Band program.

In Modern Band, the emphasis is placed on getting kids engaged with music. Students will leave their first session being able to play a song they've heard on the radio on an instrument they've seen their favorite musicians play. We believe getting students excited about music will lead to a life of learning and creating music, and all of the benefits that come with it.