Blackwing Graphite Guide

• Needs to be sharpened the least — fewer interruptions ­

• Perfect for precise and detailed work

Technical Drawing

Note taking

• All-time bestseller

­• Great point retention, yet buttery smooth



• Best of both worlds ­

• Handles both writing and sketching effortlessly


Music notation

• Darkest & smoothest core ­

• Dynamically reflects the pressure applied


* While these are our recommendations, there are no rules when it comes to which graphite to choose for your task. Experiment and find what you like!

Which Blackwing is for you?

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Have you ever wanted to try out a new Blackwing or test which graphite best suits your needs? The Blackwing Audition Pack comes with one of each core Blackwing pencil for you to try out. Every Audition pack also includes a one-time $10 discount for a future purchase of a 12-pack of our core pencils.