With century-deep roots and a passion for creating and inspiring others to create, we're more than just pencil makers. Learn more about our culture, our heritage and our mission.


We make pencils, notebooks and tools for creative-minded people, and others looking to unplug once in a while. Whether in the form of vinyl records and print books, or film cameras and worn-down pencils, we think there’s something in the tactile feel of an analog tool that is in our DNA. We try to tap into that feeling in our everyday lives by making things with our hands, and by valuing the creative process as much as the result.

We believe in the power of arts and music, as both a creative outlet and as an educational tool. That’s why a portion of every Blackwing sale benefits music and arts education through the Blackwing Foundation, and why we use projects like Blackwing Music to shine a spotlight on artists who deserve attention.


To empower creativity by making great products, supporting deserving artists, and helping fund programs that have a sustainable, positive impact on arts and music education in schools.



In 2010, the Blackwing brand was revived by the team at California Cedar Products Company, a leading supplier of wood for making pencils. With pencil industry roots dating back to the mid 19th century and a company history that dates back to 1917, CalCedar has built a long tradition of excellence and unique supply relationships that now extend to the Blackwing pencils, notebooks and lifestyle products. Blackwing products are sold in nearly 1500 stores worldwide.