Introducing “Volumes” – Limited Edition Blackwing Pencils

One of the most common questions we get is, “What does the ‘602’ on the Blackwing 602 mean?” Most people expect a profound story filled with deliberation and insight but, originally, the Blackwing 602 was simply what came after the Van Dyke 601 and before the Microtomic 603. It was a model number used to separate the Blackwing 602 from its pencil brethren.

Over time, 602 has become a number with stories to tell. Blackwing 602 pencils have been used to create Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes, they’ve been buried with Disney animator Shamus Culhane, and they’ve found their way into the hands of countless writers, musicians and craftsmen. 

This got us thinking, “What other numbers have stories to tell?” 

Inspired by our friends at Field Notes and by fans who wanted more Blackwing colorways, we set out to create a program that could help tell these stories. Volumes is the result of that journey: a limited edition pencil series whose editions will be revealed and released quarterly, beginning June 10th. Each pencil will feature a model number and design that honors and celebrates cultural icons and events. 

You can subscribe to the program right here on for $99 / year, plus shipping. Each subscription includes: 

  • 12 limited-edition, custom-designed Blackwing pencils, four times a year.
  • An additional collector’s pencil, sealed and labeled for archiving, with each set.
  • A guarantee to receive each release, even if they sell out to non-subscribers.
  • Being among the first to see each release when it arrives on your doorstep (assuming another subscriber doesn’t spoil it for you first!).

For each subscription purchased, $5 goes to the Blackwing Foundation and their efforts to improve child development through music and arts education. Click here to learn more about how music education impacts our children, and how you’re making a difference.

The first edition will be shipped to subscribers the week of June 8th. Click here to read the full press release.

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