What’s Inside the Blackwing 530 Subscription Box

In addition to a twelve pack of pencils and thirteenth archive tube pencil, Blackwing Volumes subscribers always receive a little something extra. With the Blackwing 211, it was a cedar slat with the pencil’s story etched into its face. With the Blackwing 24, it was a never-before-seen portrait of John Steinbeck. With the Blackwing 344 it was a DIY pinhole camera.

This time around, we included a digital download of folk singer-songwriter Willy Tea Taylor’s song “California.” The John Steinbeck-inspired “California” is one of the stand-out tracks off of Taylor’s sophomore album Knuckleball Prime. Its haunting lyrics chronicle the period in California’s history in which thousands of Dust Bowl refugees headed west to California in search of a better life. You can read more about the album and Willy Tea Taylor at BlackwingMusic.com.

Knuckleball Prime

We also gave subscribers the first-look at a new product we’ll be launching before the end of the year. Crafted out of lightweight aluminum, the Blackwing Point Guard is our take on the pencil point protector. It’s designed to go over the point of your Blackwing pencil, keeping it safe in your bag, pocket, or pencil roll. Subscribers receive an info card that gives an overview of the product, along with a special link to get a free Point Guard when it’s released later this month.

Blackwing Point Guard

If you want to snag a free song download and a free Blackwing Point Guard, subscriptions for the Blackwing 530 are still available.