Vol. 746 - Golden
Gate Bridge

Tribute to the San Francisco icon in its distinctive
International Orange featuring our firm graphite.


In the summer of 1929, the newly formed Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District hired Joseph B. Strauss to complete a task that many said was impossible: build a bridge across the churning waters of the Golden Gate Strait. He and his team of engineers, designers, and planners used pencil and paper to develop the sketches, design drafts, and finished plans that would become the Golden Gate Bridge.

When the Golden Gate Bridge opened on May 27, 1937, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It measured 1.7 miles long, with a 4,200-foot main span and two 746-foot towers supporting the structure at either end. The innovative engineering techniques used to build the bridge have allowed it to withstand hurricane- force winds, raging ocean currents, and the rumblings of the nearby San Andreas Fault.

The Blackwing 746 is a tribute to the Golden Gate Bridge and other engineering wonders of the modern world. Each pencil features our firm graphite core and is finished with a special multi-layered technique to bring out the iconic International Orange color of San Francisco’s world-famous marvel.

Tabletop Games

The types of games we play and the way we play them have evolved. Some of the earliest tabletop games—like chess, mancala, and senet—were games of strategy. Today, math, language, storytelling, and more help forge unique gameplay experiences for countless different games.

With just a pencil, notebook, and a set of dice, you can become a real estate tycoon, a wordsmith, or an adventurer on a quest. You can team with others to solve a mystery, or build the ultimate baseball team to crush the competition. The only limit is your imagination… and the rules of the game, of course.

Blackwing 20 celebrates tabletop games and the cherished moments they can create. Each pencil features a raised poly-hedron design inspired by gaming dice and our firm graphite that is perfect for keeping track of hit points, or tallying a final score.

Blackwing 20 pencil with design elements

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Blackwing Volumes

Blackwing Volumes is our subscription program. Each quarter, we come out with a new limited edition pencil celebrating the people, places and events that have defined our creative culture. We’ve paid tribute to everything from John Steinbeck’s writing ritual to Ada Lovelace’s contribution to computer science.

Subscribe and you’ll get a 12-pack of each new design for a full year, starting with Volume 20. Each shipment also includes a sealed pencil archive tube for your collection and some subscriber-exclusive goodies.


Subscribe and you’ll get a 12-pack of each new design for a full year, starting with Volume 746. Each shipment also includes a sealed pencil archive tube for your collection, some subscriber-exclusive goodies and 10% off our website for the duration of your subscription. The Vol. 746 subscription box contains:

- 1 x Vol. 746 Golden Gate Bridge Pencils (Set of 12)
- 1 x Vol. 746 Archive Tube Pencil
-2 x Golden Gate Bridge Postcard illustrated by Bee Blanton


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