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A limited edition pencil membership for people who love pencils and the stories they tell.


We release four limited edition pencils per year. The model number and design of each pencil will honor and celebrate cultural icons and events.


You are guaranteed to be among the first to receive each edition when you subscribe. “Sold Out” is not in your vocabulary. Subscriptions cost $99 plus shipping.


You receive 12 limited edition pencils in a gift box (plus a subscription-exclusive, sealed pencil for archiving) on your doorstep each quarter.


$5 from your subscription goes towards funding a child’s music and arts education, including curriculum and instruments.


Your subscription will begin with the Q1 2021 edition and auto-renew one year after your initial subscription date. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and the cancellation will go into effect after the then-current subscription period. No refunds will be provided for subscriptions cancelled mid-cycle.

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