When we launched Blackwing in 2010, we did so with one goal in mind: make quality tools that we would like to use. But we’ve learned a few things since we started this grand pencil experiment.

First, people love the feel of a quality analog tool. From vinyl records and old books, to film cameras and worn-down pencils, there’s something in the tactile feel of an analog tool that is in our DNA. Second, people love to make things. Whether it’s a doodle or a house, people love to create things with their hands. Third, people love to help each other. People love to share their work, donate their time and money, and open their hearts to others in need.

These are the three pillars of our culture. Feel something. Make something. Give something.

Legendary Grammy, Emmy, Pulitzer and Academy Award winners have created with the Blackwing 602 pencil. The list of known users includes John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and Chuck Jones who proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and many other Looney Tunes characters.

Blackwing’s roots go back to the 1930’s when the 602 model was first introduced by Eberhard Faber. In 1998, after several corporate acquisitions, it was discontinued, but not forgotten. In fact, fans began paying as much as $40 on eBay for a single Blackwing pencil.

In 2010, we reintroduced the Blackwing pencil using premium Japanese lead and California Genuine Incense-cedar. Since then, Blackwing has grown from a single pencil into a culture. It’s a culture that encourages and empowers creativity in all forms, especially in our nation’s schools. In fact, a percentage of every Blackwing product sold benefits music and arts education at the K-12 level.



Every pencil is made of graphite and wood. Only Blackwing pencils combine the best graphite in the world, the best wood in the world, and generations of craftsmanship to create an exceptional pencil.

The best graphite in the world comes from Japan. Our unique relationships with Japanese graphite producers allow us to craft graphite cores that are specially formulated for our pencils. That means, when you write with a Blackwing, you get a smooth performance you won’t find anywhere else.

The best wood for making pencils is Genuine Incense-cedar, which comes from the forests of California and Oregon. California Incense-cedar features a straight, fine grain that sharpens evenly and easily, so your pencil is always sharp.

Every Blackwing pencil is hand shaved to fit our unique eraser/ferrule design. The shaved pencils are then sent to our headquarters in California, where the eraser assembly is attached and the pencils are carefully packed by hand.