Johnny Irion & Mike Stinson - Working My Way Down

In another life, Mike Stinson and Johnny Irion lived and wrote songs in an old rehearsal studio called "The Alley House." There, under the tutelage of Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, they dissected songs by the greats and wrote some of their own.
When Mike and Johnny decided to take their own songs seriously, they teamed up with one of Mike's closest friends in LA, Mr. Andy Jones. Andy would moonlight with them on the bandstand in LA, and he wrote several songs for the boys to sing. While on tour in Europe, Andy got very sick and fell into a coma for ten years before ultimately passing. Today, he is survived by his wife and daughter.
After the band broke up, Mike and Johnny remained in contact. After several years, they started talking about the album they never made, and the songs Andy had left for them. So here they are, 25 years later, not making up for lost time but making the best of the time they have here today.

"Working My Way Down" features 11 songs from Andy, Johnny, Mike & Chuck Berry recorded to analog tape in Johnny's home last May. The album also features Damon Fox, an original member of Andy's band Big Elf.