by Alexander Poirier – 11/02/17

We’ve teamed up with the awesome guys at Bradley Mountain for our second carry collaboration, the Blackwing Pencil Pouch.

Pencil Pouch

This project was conceived at the Agenda show in Long Beach, California, where we sat down with Tyler, Andrew and TJ and talked through all of the features we wanted our Pencil Pouch to have. It needed to be durable, it needed to look like a member of the Blackwing family and, most importantly, it needed to be long enough to fit an unsharpened Blackwing pencil.

They nailed it, and then some.

We decided to work with Bradley Mountain again not only because they’re our friends, but because of their exceptional craftsmanship and their attention to detail. Every one of their items is meticulously thought out, and this Pencil Pouch is no different.

Pencil Pouch

Each pouch features a durable, large tooth Talon zipper that won’t jam or split. The zipper pull features the Blackwing emblem engraved in its surface, and an oiled black leather pull tab for easy opening.

The pouch also features a black leather grip tab to pair with the zipper pull. At first, I didn’t understand why this feature was necessary, but when Tyler insisted we keep it, I knew I must have been missing something.

Man, was I.

The addition of this grip tab makes opening the pouch feel natural and intuitive. Just grasp the grip tab with your left hand and the zipper pull with your right, and pull them apart.

Pencil Pouch

Each pouch is individually stitched in San Diego, California. The result is durable accessory, with quality that you can literally see. We’ve heard the feedback from Blackwing users that our pencils are too long to fit in a standard pencil pouch, so each pouch is also specifically sized to hold 24 unsharpened Blackwings.

We’re stoked about this item, and we hope you are too. Let us know what you think by giving us a shout at @Blackwing on Twitter or Instagram.

Pencil Pouch