How can I become a retailer?

If you want to find out more about becoming a Blackwing retailer, just fill out the retailer inquiry form and we’ll be in touch!

Where can I buy Blackwing products?

Blackwing tools are available online at and at hundreds of retailers around the world.

What is the difference between the three Blackwing models?

Blackwing – Soft. Dark lines. Excellent shading ability.

Blackwing 602 – Firm. Lighter graphite. Great for notes, lists, and outlining

Pearl – Balanced. Graphite is a blend of that found in BW and 602. Firm point, dark graphite. Versatile.

What wood are Blackwings made out of?

Blackwing pencils are made out of 100% Genuine Incense-cedar wood. Genuine Incense-cedar features a fine, straight grain that sharpens quickly and evenly, giving the pencil a smooth, sharp point (and it smells great too!).

Why do you use Japanese graphite?

Japanese graphite is darker and smoother than other graphites thanks to the unique combination of graphite, wax and clay. Plus, our relationship with our graphite manufacturer means we can get our graphites formulated to our exact specifications.

How do you replace a Blackwing eraser?

Remove the handy eraser clip from the pencil, replace or extend the eraser and then return the clip to its nest.

What does "602" stand for?

602 is simply a model number for the pencil. Nothing more, nothing less.