Blackwing Lab 11.26.21 - Set of 12


Lab 11.26.21 is the third installment in our Labs series. With this Lab, we’re experimenting with an extra-soft graphite core that is softer, darker, and smoother than anything we’ve done before. The design for this lab features a blue barrel, black ferrule, black clip, black eraser, and black imprint. Each set includes 12 pencils.

We made 2000 sets of Lab 11.26.21. Each box is individually numbered to mark its authenticity. 

Blackwing Labs are small batch pencil releases that offer a fun look at our design process. The results may see us experimenting with new features, or putting new spins on old favorites. Each pencil will be foil stamped with the date of the release, and each box will be numbered by batch. 

These pencils are available exclusively on our website while supplies last.

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