Blackwing Colors

Announcing Blackwing Colors, Coming in July

We’re excited to announce Blackwing Colors, the first set of…
Jay Dokken
Bee Stanton
Muideen Ogunmola
Charles Soule

Guy Clark, Master Songwriter and Artist, Passes Away

Guy Clark said that the key to crafting a good song was to “write…
Mary Norris

Mary Norris on Impact, the Blackwing 24 and Pencil Hardness

Our favorite New Yorker Ok'r Mary Norris stopped by Manhattan's…
Yosemite National Park - Mountains - Starr King Group from the South West

Our Favorite John Muir Sketches

Last year, we released the Blackwing 211, our tribute to John…
Finished Record

Record Store Day 2016 - How A Record is Made

This Saturday 04/16/2016 is Record Store Day, and we’re…
Steinbeck Pencil Length

The Steinbeck Pencil Length

John Steinbeck was very particular about his pencils. In addition…
Steinbeck Typewriter

John Steinbeck's Typewriter

John Steinbeck was known for writing his novels out by hand.…
Steinbeck Print

Inside the Blackwing 24 Subscription - An Unreleased Portrait of John Steinbeck

By now, many of our subscribers have received their shipments…