Designing the BW 344 Pinhole Camera

When we started brainstorming ideas for the Blackwing 344 subscriber…
BW 344 Pinhole Camera

BW 344 Pinhole Camera

Video and text instructions for how to assemble the BW•344 Pinhole Camera included with every Blackwing 344 Volumes subscription.
Blackwing 344
Blackwing Volumes

Behind the Scenes: From Idea to Pencil

This is the first in what we hope will become a series of articles…
Blackwing 602

New Imprint and Eraser Coming to Blackwing Pencils

When the Blackwing 344 hits your doorstep, you may notice a few…
Mike Hawthorne

Mike Hawthorne

Mike Hawthorne, comic book penciler and current lead artist on Marvel's Deadpool series.
Greg Simkins

Greg Simkins

Greg "Craola" Semkins, street artist and full-time painter from Los Angeles, CA.
Jes Dory

Jes Dory

Jes Dory is an author and illustrator of young adult fantasy and children's books.

My Favorite Steinbeck

Our hearts are mending slowly since the passing of Thom Steinbeck…
Dream Deep National Coloring Book Day

Dream Deep on National Coloring Book Day

Last month, we launched Blackwing Colors, our colored pencils…
Emily Jeffords
Luke Lieske
Blackwing 56

Blackwing 56 Stockist List

The Blackwing 56, the DiMaggio pencil, sold out in 8 days, but…
How to Score a Baseball Game

How to Score a Baseball Game

Baseball is etched into our national consciousness in graphite.…
Joe DiMaggio

The Insane Facts Behind DiMaggio's Hit Streak

The release of the Blackwing 56 was very much a labor of love…