Blackwing 16.2

Blackwing Volumes - Blackwing 16.2

The Blackwing 16.2 is a tribute to Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programer. It has a matte white finish, matte black ferrule & firm graphite.
Pencil Pouch

Inside the Pencil Pouch

We've teamed up with the awesome guys at Bradley Mountain for our second carry collaboration, the Blackwing Pencil Pouch. Learn more.
Oxford Exchange

Blackwing Store Profile - Oxford Exchange - Tampa, FL

Learn why Oxford Exchange in Tampa, FL is the quintessential Blackwing store and why you should visit them on your next trip through western Florida.
Blackwing 1

Behind the Scenes: Blackwing 1

Guy Clark was on the short list of people we thought this program should honor from Day 1. Read more about the design and thought behind the Blackwing 1.

Blackwing Volumes - Blackwing 1

The first ever round Blackwing, the Blackwing 1 celebrates Guy Clark and his perfectly imperfect style.

Pink, Black and White, Oh My!

Read about the design updates to our core Blackwing pencils.
Willy Tea Taylor

Willy Tea Taylor

No Depression Magazine called Willy Tea Taylor "one of the most important singer/songwriters of our time," and we're proud to have him as the first artist on the Blackwing Music record label.
Greg Ruth

Greg Ruth

Read about the creative process behind the work of Greg Ruth, writer/Artist of graphic novels, children’s picture books, illustration and film.
Andy Mientus

Andy Mientus

Andy Mientus is an actor and writer living between Los Angeles and New York City. Read about his process, and why the pencil is the "tool of collaborators."
Blackwing 73

Blackwing Volumes - Volume 73

You cannot fully understand a place or the people living in it without understanding the paintings, writings and songs created on its soil. Blackwing 73 celebrates Lake Tahoe and other landmarks that have had a comparable impact on arts and society.
Hugh Caughey

Hugh Caughey

Hugh Caughey is an Australian Artist / designer based in Sydney, whose work focuses on the shapes / lines / textures found in nature.
Blackwing Summit

Put Your Ideas on Paper - Introducing the Summit and Clutch Notebooks

We know how important it is to have the right tool for the job. The same can be said for notebooks. Introducing the Summit and Clutch notebooks.
Blackwing Clutch Notebook
Blackwing 205
Tom Hall

Tom Hall

Tom Hall is a game designer and co-founder of ID software. Some of his works include Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Read more about Tom's creative process.