Blackwing Volumes Intro Video

The Making of the Blackwing Volumes Launch Film

Last week, we unveiled Volumes, our new limited edition pencil subscription program. If you missed that announcement, you can read more about it here, and you can subscribe to the program here.

We worked with the amazing TJ Cosgrove of Explosivo Ltd. to put together a video for the announcement. In addition to his own production company, TJ also runs the blog Wood & Graphite and is extremely passionate about pencils and analog tools in general. In other words, he was the perfect person to help us with the launch.

Over the weekend, TJ released a behind the scenes video of the making of the Blackwing Volumes launch film. The video breaks down all of the props that were used, the process behind the filmmaking, and some fun secret messages hidden throughout the film. It’s an awesome watch, and really shows the care that went into to shooting each scene. Check it out, below.


Quarterly releases will pay tribute to cultural icons and events

STOCKTON, Calif. – The Blackwing 602, an iconic pencil that crafted Bugs Bunny and was buried with animator Shamus Culhane, has inspired a new limited edition pencil series called Volumes.

A limited number of custom designed Blackwing pencils will be released quarterly beginning with the first edition on June 10th. Each pencil will feature a model number and design intended to honor and celebrate cultural icons and events. Design details will be announced upon the release of each edition via Blackwing’s email list.

Annual subscriptions to the Volumes program can be purchased for $99 at beginning today.

Subscribers will receive 12 limited edition pencils in a custom gift box, along with an additional collector’s pencil, sealed and labeled for archiving. For each subscription purchased, $5 will be donated to the Blackwing Foundation and their efforts to improve child development through music and arts education.

“Ultimately, we thought this would be a fun way to put creative tools in the hands of more people while promoting the benefits of music and arts education in schools,” said Grant Christensen, Managing Director of Palomino. “We’ve collaborated with a great partner for the first release and we can’t wait to show it off in a few weeks.”

A limited number of sets will be available at select retailers after all subscriptions have been fulfilled. These stand-alone sets will not include the sealed collector’s pencil. For more information on the Blackwing Volumes program, visit

About Blackwing: Introduced in the 1930s by Eberhard Faber and revived in 2010 by Palomino, Blackwing pencils are a high-end line of California Incense-cedar pencils that feature premium Japanese graphite cores, a luxurious finish and distinct design. Blackwing pencils have been used by some of the most famous artists and writers of all time. A portion of all sales benefit child development through music and arts education in schools. Blackwing products are sold online at and at specialty stores worldwide.


EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information or to speak to someone about Blackwing pencils, please contact Nancy Trent or Pam Wadler at (212) 966-0024.

Introducing “Volumes” – Limited Edition Blackwing Pencils

One of the most common questions we get is, “What does the ‘602’ on the Blackwing 602 mean?” Most people expect a profound story filled with deliberation and insight but, originally, the Blackwing 602 was simply what came after the Van Dyke 601 and before the Microtomic 603. It was a model number used to separate the Blackwing 602 from its pencil brethren.

Over time, 602 has become a number with stories to tell. Blackwing 602 pencils have been used to create Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes, they’ve been buried with Disney animator Shamus Culhane, and they’ve found their way into the hands of countless writers, musicians and craftsmen. 

This got us thinking, “What other numbers have stories to tell?” 

Inspired by our friends at Field Notes and by fans who wanted more Blackwing colorways, we set out to create a program that could help tell these stories. Volumes is the result of that journey: a limited edition pencil series whose editions will be revealed and released quarterly, beginning June 10th. Each pencil will feature a model number and design that honors and celebrates cultural icons and events. 

You can subscribe to the program right here on for $99 / year, plus shipping. Each subscription includes: 

  • 12 limited-edition, custom-designed Blackwing pencils, four times a year.
  • An additional collector’s pencil, sealed and labeled for archiving, with each set.
  • A guarantee to receive each release, even if they sell out to non-subscribers.
  • Being among the first to see each release when it arrives on your doorstep (assuming another subscriber doesn’t spoil it for you first!).

For each subscription purchased, $5 goes to the Blackwing Foundation and their efforts to improve child development through music and arts education. Click here to learn more about how music education impacts our children, and how you’re making a difference.

The first edition will be shipped to subscribers the week of June 8th. Click here to read the full press release.

Join our email list to get AN EARLY LOOK at each release. Homepage

Answering the “Why” Question

The past few weeks have been weeks of discovery. When we set out to design a new web home for Blackwing, we were preoccupied with questions of “how.” How would the new site look? How would we use it to reach our customers? How long would it take to get up and running? But, as we worked, we discovered that the questions that needed answering didn’t begin with “how,” they began with “why.”

When we first launched this site last year, it was focused on content. Stories that spoke to the community of creative people who have become synonymous with the Blackwing brand. We wanted a way to connect with these people, and was the “how.” What we didn’t take a close enough look at was the “why.” So, we dug deeper.

As we reflected, we kept coming back to everything we’ve done to support music and arts education in schools. When most people hear about music and arts education, they think of it as a luxury rather than a necessity, but it’s a truly essential part of a child’s development, both intellectually and emotionally. We’ve been giving money to support music education since 2013, even before this business started making any money. That’s how strongly we believe in it, and the importance of creativity as a whole.

With that as our basis, it turns out the “why” is much simpler than we thought. Our mission is to empower creativity by making great products, supporting deserving artists, and helping fund programs that have a sustainable, positive impact on arts and music education in schools. Or, to put it more bluntly, we’re fighting for creativity in all of its forms. Homepage

This site is a place where you can browse our products and catch up on everything we’ve been doing but, more importantly, this site is a place where you can join us in that fight for creativity.

So, welcome to the new We hope you enjoy your stay, and that you’ll come back next week for the big announcement we have planned.