Weekly Discoveries 03.27.2015 – Laudate Solis and Joshua Ketchen


Judson Cowan’s Laudate Solis

Two weeks ago, a massive illustration of Lordran from the video game Dark Souls started making its Internet rounds. Everyone from Polygon,to Edge and Kotaku covered the piece, but I remember it as a work in progress illustration that never would have seen the light of day if not for the outpouring of support from the Reddit community. Yesterday, my 12″ by 34.3″ giclee print version of the finished illustration arrived in the mail, and it is absolutely stunning. My hat’s off to you Judson. If only I could be so grossly incandescent.


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Joshua Ketchen 

Joshua Ketchen recently made headlines on Kotaku with his “Arcade Adventures” series of prints which reimagines  popular video game franchises as vintage sci-fi pulp magazine covers. That collection can be seen here, and you can check out the rest of his work here


Weekly Discoveries 03.13.2015 – Ryan Duggan and The Dash/Plus System


Ryan Duggan

Ryan Duggan is a Chicago based artist whose work I stumbled upon while I was checking out Mike Mitchell’s work. In 2014, he did a series called “Poster of the Week,” a series in which, you guessed it, he created a poster every week for an entire year. You can still see some of them on his Big Cartel site. This year, Ryan introduced a new series which will feature 12 entries instead of 52. The series is titled “The 2015 Treasury the Shitting Dog,” and will feature 12 scenic prints that, true to their name, feature a dog defecating somewhere in the art. You can see the first of the series below.

Ryan Duggan TSD1


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The Dash/Plus System

In 2006, while I was busy worrying about whatever it is 18 year olds worry about, Patrick Rhone was outlining a system that would allow him to make productive use of his paper notes. Today, my 27 year-old self is in desperate need of such a system, so I was stoked to find Patrick’s dash/plus system. The system is based on a simple dash that is extended and altered depending on the status of the accompanying note or task. Patrick outlines the system beautifully on his website:

“(Dash): Undone Action Item — Individual items (action items and ideas) are marked with a dash preceding them. All items, no matter what they are, are therefore treated as items to be processed.

(Plus): Done Action Item — If the item is an action item (todo), when the item is complete, a vertical line is drawn through the “dash” thus making it resemble a “plus”. This makes the dashed items stand out quite well despite the fact that the same color pen or pencil may be used.

(Right Arrow): Waiting – (i.e. for another action) — Drawing an arrow pointing to the the item denotes that it is something that is waiting on another action to happen or deliverable.

(Left Arrow): Delegated — Drawing an arrow pointing to the left of the item denotes that it has been delegated (with a note to whom and the date) .

(Triangle): Data Point — Turning the dash into a triangle denotes a data point (a fact or figure you wish to remember for instance).

(Circle) — A circle around any of the above means that it has been carried forward, moved to another list or otherwise changed status – i.e. a “Waiting” item has now become an Action Item elsewhere (with a note about where that item has gone).”

For more information about the dash/plus system and other productivity tips, read Patrick’s full whitepaper here.

Patrick Rhone Dash/Plus System

Blackwings in the New Yorker’s Comma Queen Series Premiere

Yesterday, the New Yorker launched Comma Queen, a web series “devoted to language in all its facets” starring none other than New Yorker editor and Blackwing aficionado Mary Norris. The inaugural episode is dedicated to the series’ namesake, the comma.

In the episode, Mary’s desk is littered with pencil artifacts of all shapes and sizes. In her hand rests a Blackwing 602, which she deftly uses to slash commas throughout the video. After Mary attended the Blackwing Experience we held in New York City, she professed her love for pencils and, specifically, the Blackwing. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to see her and her beloved pencils in action, however.

As an English major, I obsess over the comma. It is, in my opinion, the most powerful punctuation mark in the English language. One misplaced comma (or one missed entirely) can derail an entire sentence, crush an idea’s momentum, and stifle a brilliant thought. Thankfully, Mary is here to teach us the nuances of this seemingly simple squiggle.

Weekly Discoveries 03.06.2015 – Ryan Cullwell, Hyperview and Mike Mitchell


Title Fight – Hyperview

When Hyperview dropped last month, I didn’t give it a fair shake. I listened to it and dismissed it as a band trying to do “too much,”  before really letting the music sink in. Title Fight’s evolution from one record to the next may be a turn off for some but, like any band, Title Fight’s sound has grown along with the musicians. You can’t write the same music at 27 that you did at 17. I definitely need to be in the mood for this type or record, but it has a firm grasp on its spot in my musical rotation.

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Mike Mitchell

Is an American artist known for his support of Conan O’Brien during the Tonight Show conflict in 2010 (he designed this poster  in support of O’Brien). I stumbled onto his work the other day while looking for a new desktop background and found a series of Marvel comics themed headshot paintings he did in conjunction with Mondo, which you can see here (in case anybody is wondering I’m using the Venom one right now).

Check out his portfolio here, there’s a lot of cool stuff to see!

Mike Mitchell Venom

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Ryan Culwell

Ryan Culwell released a new album on Tuesday, and it’s all I’ve been listening to for the last 72 hours. I’ll let Ryan’s music do the rest of the talking.