Weekly Discoveries 01.29.2015 – Dork Tower, Zanadu Comics and Control


Dork Tower

A recent Twitter conversation led me to discover that John Kovalic, illustrator of the popular card games Apples to Apples and Munchkin, is a Blackwing user. Not only that, he uses Blackwings on all of his Munchkin work.

This led me to John’s other ventures, including his Dork Tower comic strip. I’m a big webcomic fan, and John’s jokes, references and musings are right up my alley. If you consider yourself a “dork” in any way, I suggest you check it out.

Dork Tower

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Zanadu Comics

In January, I had the opportunity to spend a few work days in Seattle. When I’m on the road, my first order of personal business is to find the local comic shops. I like visiting comic shops because there aren’t exactly any nationwide chains, so each shop you visit has a unique look and feel to it. I found Zanadu Comics and decided to check them out. This place was RAD. They have a section dedicated to works by popular authors, they also have a section of books broken up by genre rather than publisher which I thought was a neat twist. The staff were super helpful and even offered up a quick tour of the store. If you’ve got some spare time and are in the Seattle area be sure to check them out!

Zanadu Comics


Janet Jackson – Control (1986)

Control is a wild album.  Produced by the duo of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, it’s full of wild synthesizers, Russell Simmons–style drums, synth basses and even the odd 80’s guitar solo.  It’s Janet’s first album after she broke ties with her father Joe’s management, and she appropriately sings about finding herself as an independent woman and artist.  The real treasures on this album come towards its ending: “Let’s Wait Awhile” and “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)” are the album’s final two tracks and they’re the only slow-jams on the record.  The latter closes the album out with Janet speaking some sultry French as she reunites with a departed lover. 

Janet Jackson Control